I’ve been running the blog solarcell.science for two years today. On this, I used to discuss some papers and engage with researchers about third generation solar cells, with a particular emphasis over halide perovskites. I started it whilst being an intern at the French research organisation CEA (with industrial and academic partnership with ENS de Lyon and Arkema) designing encapsulation solutions to prevent degradation of organic and perovskite solar cells. I followed up by chosing a masters project at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, working on a phase transition in halide perovskites of mixed compositions.

However, since I started my Ph.D., my scientific interests and research projects have broadened. In the past few months, I have often realised I wanted to write blog posts about topics that would not fit solarcell.science editorial line, because they had absolutely no relation neither with new photovoltaic techniques nor with halide perovskites. For this reason, I migrated all the blog posts on this personal website. I’m in the process of getting the blog aggregated in altmetrics, as solarcell.science has been. I’ll try to write a little more about my low-temperature and condensed matter physics interests, as well as sharing programming tips, and other scientific thoughts. Of course, topics such as solar technologies and halide perovskites will stay emphasised here.

I’m now using Jekyll instead of Wordpress, as it integrates better in my personal workflow, as I’m using vim + git for other personal projects. All the previous solarcell.science pages should now be redirected here.

At the moment, it’s no longer possible to comment on the posts. If you appreciated this feature and want it back here, please let me know on twitter or by contacting me via e-mail, I’ll try to integrate such a thing! Otherwise, I encourage you to engage about these posts on twitter!

More to follow up!