The perovskite field has been subject to an incredible momentum and is moving forward very fast. Here is a selection of interesting papers published in January.

Editorial: Perovskite photovoltaics is 10 years old

In 2009, Tsutomu Miyasaka published in JACS a paper reporting halide perovskite as a DSSC sensitizer. The editorial of Nature Energy in January reminds us of the greatest advances since then.

A decade of perovskite photovoltaics.

Persistent Ferroelectric Domains in MAPI

Garten and co-workers from NREL published in Science Advances last month this paper confirming ferroelectricity in MAPI single crystals. Ferroelectricity in halide perovskite is still a subject under debate, with many papers claiming the effect may or may not be screened in these materials. This paper claims confirmation of the existence of a ferroelectric behaviour in MAPI perovskites. The strength of this paper is the use of different techniques to draw the conclusion and may give rise to ferroelectricity control within perovskite, to tune the Fermi level or electrical response.

The existence and impact of persistent ferroelectric domains in MAPbI₃.

Narrowband exciton routing in layered perovskites

Wei et al. published in Nature Energy probed layered perovskites to understand the dynamics of energy transfer in these systems. They observe energy transfer on the scale of the picosecond. They show narrowband exciton routing with very high PLQY. Thus they produce luminescent solar concentrators with a fourfold enhancement in internal concentration.

Ultrafast narrowband exciton routing within layered perovskite nanoplatelets enables low-loss luminescent solar concentrators