Happy new year to all my readers! I’m sure 2019 will bring new exciting advancement in the field. At a minimum, there’ll be new stability developments and increased efficiency of halide perovskite solar cells. There also will be more and more fundamental studies. I’ll try to keep pushing with more new posts this year.

I’ve been carrying research in two different labs in 2018 so it’s been a bit hard to manage writing blog posts, engage with the community and curate a twitter feed. Now that I’m carrying out my own research at the University of Manchester for the next 3 years, things will go smoothly.

This year I’d like to talk here about Rashba-Dresselhaus effects and spin-physics within perovskites, the use of machine learning to predict perovskite properties and materials, and the all expanding field of so-called “2D perovskites” (even though I prefer the terminology layered perovskites to describe those systems). More to come pretty soon.

Finally, here is a video on Scientific Video Protocols about the history of perovskite photovoltaics, featuring Prof Henry Snaith.